Infinity private music students receive a weekly 30-minute lesson, one on one with an instructor of their choice, opportunities to participate in leadership and intern programs, attend or perform in local and regional performances, or be involved in ensembles (based on dedication and skill-level), access to Infinity’s nationwide network of educators and mentors, and the prospect of meeting other like-minded students who are eager to learn and create!

Private lessons are currently offered on the following instruments. New instruments are added based on student request.  Guitar, piano, drum set, voice, bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, mandolin, mallet percussion, steel drums, hand drums, B3 Organ, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, French horn, clarinet, song-writing, music theory, film-making and digital/audio production.

New students must attend one of our monthly orientation sessions prior to scheduling lessons.

Art, dance, and theater classes vary by semester.

Class descriptions and fees can be found in our current Class Schedule above.


Infinity’s private art lesson component provides students with a 30-minute lesson, one-on-one with an instructor of their choice. Lesson focus is driven by each student’s goals and interest. Infinity offers multiple genres and mediums, including but not limited to, painting, drawing, sketching, still life, watercolors, cartooning, and more. Infinity art students are also invited to participate in local and regional gallery opportunities, as well as Infinity’s annual student art exhibit.


Infinity’s private literature lesson component engages students in both the areas of writing and performing. Each 30-minute private lesson can focus on songwriting, poetry, creative writing, or another focus area of the student’s choice. Lessons will also focus on presenting the written word to the public during performances, poetry slams, and more!


Infinity’s private dance lesson component focuses on creativity through movement. A weekly 30-minute lesson with an instructor of your choice will focus on teaching you freedom of movement, as well as style and technique. Private dance lessons are offered in creative movement, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, and more. Please inquire as to current offerings.

Infinity does not offer jazz, tap, or ballet lessons. We would be happy to give you a referral to one of our wonderful local dance companies which focus on these lesson areas.


Infinity’s private theater lesson component utilizes a 30-minute private lesson to help define and strengthen skills necessary for theater and performance. Students work in areas including: stage presence, enunciation, projection, body language, and more! Join our GLEE or Drama Club to really put your new-found skills into action!

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