Infinity will be CLOSED on Wednesday, June 19th in observance of Juneteenth.

Imagine a safe, creative environment full of young people who are engaged in the arts as they build positive peer relationships and receive valuable mentoring in their chosen art form.

Imagine a place where youth of all ages and walks of life, can work together, think together, and create together. A place where creative thought is nurtured, students’ individuality and efforts are celebrated, and students are challenged to stretch their minds. A place where young people are encouraged to grow, learn, and lead through active experiences that provide practical and artistic skills and help them prepare them for their futures.

Infinity Visual and Performing Arts Center is that place; a program that fuses arts education, talent showcasing opportunities, and mentorship for young people into one complete experience; a place to “Explore! Experience! and Excel!”



Infinity Membership (18 & under)

Available in:MusicArtDanceTheaterPerformance

Membership Includes:

  • (1) 30 minute weekly private lesson in the music or arts discipline of your choice (See inquiry form for available areas of study)
  • Private lessons are individualized with lesson focus driven by the student’s individual goals and interests
  • Access to an array of weekly group classes (varies depending on age and area of study) including music, art, dance, theater, performance and talent showcasing, and many other areas
  • Abundant performance and showcasing opportunities
  • Marketable skills development
  • Leadership training opportunities
  • Join a band or ensemble once at performance level
  • Supportive mentorship from instructors and Infinity administrative staff members

(See our ‘About Infinity’ tab for more info)

$20 annual registration fee
$75.00/monthly membership fee

Adult Private Lessons (Over age 18)

Infinity offers private adult lessons in a variety of musical instruments, and music, art, dance, and theater areas of study. Lesson focus and direction is based on the individual’s area of interest and desired goals. Please call us at (716) 664-0991 to create a personalized private lesson plan.
Please note: Group classes are not currently included as a part of Infinity’s adult programming, and are reserved for children and teenage students.

$25 one-time registration fee
$17.50 per 30-minute lesson

The full first month of lesson fees, and the registration fee are due at the time of scheduling.

Infinity's Pearl City Clay House

Available In ClayFine ArtsContemporary Crafts

220 E. 2nd Street, Jamestown, NY 14701

Pearl City Clay House is a satellite site and component of Infinity Visual and Performing Arts. Pearl City Clay House was developed to be a community art space with programming for families, adults, visitors to our community, and more. Classes and experiences are provided in a variety of art mediums including clay/pottery, bisque painting, paper and fabric arts, felting, book binding, and much more.

Visit for more information about offerings.

100% of Pearl City Clay House profits are designated to support youth programming at the Infinity Center.
Thank you for supporting Infinity!

Infinity has provided my sons opportunities they’d not have otherwise had

The LaForest Family

My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Julie Anderson for a month now and loves her! She has been doing extremely well.

Angelina, Infinity Parent

My girls are building much confidence in their artwork. My daughter is loving dancing with a small group where she receives individual attention.

The Corbelli Family

It’s a fact that music improves a child’s grades. We love Infinity and the staff!

Jeremy, Infinity Parent

Infinity has been a very positive outlet for my son. It’s great to see a place where he fits in.

Toni, Infinity Parent

Our instructor is extremely talented and really challenges our children musically, all while creating a fun, positive learning environment.

Infinity Parent

Infinity is such a wonderful program! Everyone here has been so great to my children. I look forward to the many years of instruction to come and watching my girls’ skills grow!

Ellen, Infinity Parent

My son Josh is very happy with his instructor Jay Peterson!! He looks forward to his lesson each week

Infinity Parent

My children enjoyed excellent music and art instruction, as well as day camps, for 3 years at Infinity. During that time our family enjoyed watching and hearing many performances, ensembles, and concerts. Bravo!

Elizabeth Claus, Former Board member and Infinity parent.

My son really enjoys the time he spends his instructors, and loves the Spring Showcase

Faith, Infinity Parent

I think my instructor, Kate, is one of a kind! She makes me want to be a better pianist.

Heidi, Infinity Student

Infinity is awesome! I’ve seen my son develop into a more confident person.

Damaris, Infinity Parent

Amazing staff; amazing programs-not just lessons! So much more is gained-confidence, pride, socialization, acceptance!

Marlie, Infinity Parent

My son loves his piano teacher!

Kate, Infinity Parent

I didn’t just have a music lesson, I had a lesson in self-confidence.

Max, Age 15

I like the instructors!

Emma, Age 11

Infinity is amazing! It has boosted my confidence on stage.

Annika, Infinity Student

My daughter really enjoys her voice lessons and performing on stage.

Heather, Infinity Parent

What a local gem for the Jamestown area!

Kelly, Infinity Parent


Private lessons and group classes are offered in a wide variety of instruments and study areas determined by our current instruction team’s areas of expertise. Please visit this link to see current options:

Infinity music students are also encouraged to write and record original music, work towards joining a performance ensemble, and are invited to participate in performance events and productions.


Private and group theater and acting classes focus on technique, stage presence, enunciation, projection, body language, and more! Classes offered are determined by our current instruction team’s areas of expertise. Please visit this link to see current options:
Infinity theater students are also invited to participate in performance events and productions.


Private lessons and group classes explore a wide variety of art mediums, techniques, and skills areas. Classes are determined by our current instruction team’s areas of expertise. Please visit this link to see current options:

Infinity art students are also invited to participate in local and regional gallery opportunities, Infinity’s annual student art exhibit, and our online art gallery “Infinite Artistry”.
*Note: an annual $35 supplies fee applies for all art students.


Private and group dance classes focus on creative movement and technique and are offered in a wide variety of styles determined by our current instruction team’s areas of expertise. Please visit this link to see current options:
Infinity dance students are also invited to participate in performance events and productions.


Infinity’s performance component engages students in the area of live performing. Classes focus on stage presence, enunciation, working with sound equipment, stage troubleshooting, audience interaction, working collaboratively with peers, and more.

Students can also learn to emcee, run stage sound and lighting, and/or assist with live performances as part of a stage crew.


Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, Inc.
301 E 2nd St, Suite 101
Jamestown, NY 14701

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