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Sara Rafaloski

Sara ‘The Greatest” Rafaloski has been playing things with strings all of her life. When she turned 4 years old her mother asked her what instrument she would like to play an she chose the violin. She began lessons soon after. Her father always played guitar in the house so eventually she began playing that too. In 7th grade her mother let her pick another instrument to play and her love for bass guitar started.  In high school Sara joined the group of students in putting together a Renaissance Dinner.  She wanted to be the strolling minstrel and went in search of a Lute. The closest Medieval looking instrument Sara could find was the mandolin. Love at first sight. Sara’s love for music and performing continued throughout her adult years. Currently, Sara is the mandolin, fiddle and stand up bass player for Deep Fried and Dipped in Honey, bass player for the Loves, bass player in duos and trios with various artist such as Charity Nuse, Cindy Haight, Amanda Barton, and the mandolin, guitar and bass player for Will and Sara. She also plays bass, cello, guitar, banjo or ukulele for many local theaters for Musical productions in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties. Sara also is a part of the InSpire Development Center, putting on various shows through the year as a stage manager, such as Chautauqua’s Got Talent.


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