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Dana Nordlund

“Sometimes, it feels as if I have just started my journey. The red glow of the darkroom has been
replaced by a computer screen, but the magic still exists in the learning process. If you talk to
ten photographers, you would most likely get ten different perspectives regarding what is most
important to each of those individuals with respect to this art form. That is the beauty of our art,
deep within these differences lies a lesson.”

In December 2002, Dana Nordlund ventured out on his own and opened Dana Nordlund Photography.

He became a member of the Southwestern New York Association of Professional
Photographers (SNAPP) in 2003 and became Vice President the very next year, and President for the next 3 years. After becoming a member of the Professional Photographers of America in
2004, Dana earned the Certified Professional Photographer designation in 2005. In
January 2010, he made a trek to Nashville, TN, to receive his Photographic Craftsman degree
from the Professional Photographers of America. Along with this degree, he became a member of,
and received the Educational Associate Degree from, the American Society of Photographers in 2015, becoming one of 40 individuals to hold the degree at that time. In January of 2020, he received his Photographic Master Degree and his journey continues! He is excited to introduce students to this art form!

Dana Nordlund has been drumming since he was in the 5th Grade. When he was in those early days of learning, he practiced on a little piece of wood with a chunk of rubber on it. He had to learn stick control and rudiments. It was awful, he had to be forced to practice and he was down-right unhappy about it. Then, for Christmas, he got a snare drum. As soon as his stick cracked that first note, it was hard to get him to stop. He loved the sound of the drum. It became a part of him. As the years flew by, he recorded in studios and played with many talented musicians. The drum has always been a part of who he is.


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