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Mitchell Alpaugh

Student from: 2000-2006 Current Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Education: B.A. Music Education
Current Occupation: Technical Support for Sweetwater Sound
Infinity Experience and Instructors: “I played keyboards in the second infinity group ever, “The Next Generation.” It was under the direction of my Dad, Mark Alpaugh. I was in 7th grade when I joined and I only left when I had to move off to college!”
Remarks: “Infinity gave me the opportunity to play with a handful of musicians from various school districts that I would have never met elsewhere. Under the direction of an instructor, we were able to play some really tight music. It was nice to be able to tell friends “Hey I have a band, we sound good, and we have gigs.” Infinity had so many benefits, but the one benefit that really carried in to my professional life were the musical chops it had helped me develop. It’s certainly handy to be able to play sheet music and read chord charts on the same level!”


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