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Kate Chatterton

Student From: 2006-2009 Current Location: Mayville, NY
Higher Education: SUNY Fredonia- Bachelors in Music Composition and minor in English
Current Occupation: Student, Master’s Degree in progress
Infinity Experience and Instructors: Studied piano with Mark Alpaugh, Steve Swanson.
Infinity Jazz Quartet (Eric Pearson), Infinity Blues Project (Ron Graham, Steve Davis), Infinity Big Band (John Cross), DeJa Blues (Jim Foti, Tom Swanson), I Kandy (Steve Swanson)
Remarks: “Being a student at Infinity was such an incredible experience for me. When I first joined Infinity I had no experience in performing and very little knowledge of music. Infinity provided a place for me to explore many genres of music and express myself in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to anywhere else. The instructors and mentors at Infinity instilled a love of music in me that still fuels me every day. Infinity inspired me to start writing my own compositions and to pursue a degree in music. Infinity was life changing for me and that is why I have returned to Infinity as an employee!”


Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, Inc.
301 E 2nd St, Suite 101
Jamestown, NY 14701

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