Meet Our Staff

Shane Hawkins

Executive Director

Shane Hawkins graduated from Jamestown High School and attended both Jamestown Community College and SUNY Fredonia. Her prior work experience includes 17 years at a local veterinary hospital as account manager and staff trainer. Shane became affiliated with Infinity in 2003 as a parent volunteer. After being hired as an employee in 2004, she served as Infinity’s Program Coordinator until October 2009 when she was promoted to the position of Executive Director.  Her current duties as director include responsibility for all program and facility operations, financial management, grant writing and reporting, personnel management, development of growth strategies and working directly with the Board of Directors. Shane lives in the town of Ellery with her family and a motley crew of critters.

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Mariah Melendy

Associate Director

Mariah recently moved to Jamestown from Elmira, NY, where she taught ballet, pointe and lyrical. She graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2009 with a BA in psychology. She then spent two years teaching English abroad in Korea. Mariah has always held an interest in the arts and is so pleased to be a part of Infinity.

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Kate Rinko

Program Coordinator

Kate is from Ellicottville, NY and is a graduate from Fredonia State University where she studied Communications: Audio/Radio Production and Business Administration.  She also spent some time at Jamestown Community College where she studied Media Arts.  Kate enjoys working with live and recorded sound and making small videos.

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Autumn Swanson

Office Coordinator

Autumn Echo Swanson is a 21 year old performance poet from Jamestown, NY. She started Pulse Poetry Slam, a competitive performance poetry event series in 2014, at the age of 18, and now hosts four events a month. As of 2017, Autumn has organized, facilitated, and emceed over 70 live music and poetry related events. She has featured at events across New York State, having performed at Poetic Vibe in Albany, NY, opened for the band Boy Harsher at Sugar City in Buffalo, and performs during Bach & Beer at Labyrinth Press Company in Jamestown on a monthly basis. Earlier in her poetic career, she featured at the showcase event Living Poets Society in Buffalo at Shea’s Performing Arts Center, and has been a guest host and frequent competitor at the Pure Ink Poetry Slam events. She has also featured at the event Poets Storm Nietzsche’s in Buffalo, and has performed in Rochester, NY at House of Guitars. In 2016, she was invited to participate in a special diversity training for University at Buffalo and SUNY Buffalo State College, where some of her original poetry was used to facilitate important conversations about diversity & acceptance for all campus resident assistants and workers. She competed in the Queen Elizabeth Way International Poetry Slam and the Empire State Regional Poetry Slam alongside her team of poets in 2016, marking the first time Jamestown, NY has been represented on a competitive level for poetry. She won the June 2017 Insomnia Slam, an online poetry competition hosted by an organization in Florida. During the 2017 Jamestown Insomniac 24 Hour Film festival, she wrote, directed, and produced a spoken word film called “My City”, which won an award for Best Representation of Jamestown, and went semi-viral locally, having garnered over 300 shares and 15k views on Facebook and counting.

Autumn stays actively involved with her local community and arts scene. She has been involved in a number of local theater productions. She is the office coordinator at Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, a non-profit youth development program centering on music and arts education, which is unique to the area. Thanks to the many doors opened to her by Infinity, she has had the privilege to grow and thrive tremendously as an artist and a human. As a resident of downtown Jamestown, she has a vested interest in the healing of her community through the arts and through positivity. In 2017, she partnered with friends in creating a positive online initiative called Uplift Jamestown, with hopes of playing a role in reshaping the idea of what people think of her beautiful city. She owes a large portion of her success to coffee.

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Lauren Engallina

Administrative Assistant

Lauren Engallina, originally from Houston, TX moved to Jamestown, NY in 2015. Engallina began singing at the age of three and it has been a part of her life ever since. She graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX in 2014 with a Bachelors of Music Degree in Vocal Performance. In October of 2017 she began to teach private voice lessons at Infinity and fell in love with it. She believed in Infinity’s mission so much that she became a member of the program staff in January 2018.

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Sara Rafaloski

Site Coordinator

Sara “The Greatest” Rafaloski has been an instructor at Infinity since Nov 2015, specializing in folk instruments (banjo, mandolin, ukulele, fiddle, bass and infinite exploration). In summer 2018, she got the opportunity to share the gift of music further by becoming the Site Coordinator at Infinity.  As Site Coordinator, Sara ensures the equipment is in working order to use or borrow, coordinates camp programs, and helps young musicians feel like the confident performers that they are. Outside of Infinity, Sara plays various instruments with groups The Loves, RoseGold, Deep Fried and Dipped in Honey, The In-Crowd, as well as in Duo and Trios with Cindy Haight, Charity Nuse, Amanda Barton and Will Russel. Sara also helps at the InSpire Development Center to put on yearly shows such as Chautauqua’s Got Talent.

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Ashley Ordines

Sponsorship Sales

Ashley Ordines is an illustrator/concept artist from Jamestown, NY. Ashley received a BA in Print Journalism & Mass Communications from Edinboro University in 2014, and an AS in Fine Arts from Jamestown Community College in 2011. In addition to working as an artist, Ashley is the marketing coordinator for the YWCA of Jamestown. She has been teaching private and group art lessons at Infinity since October of 2017, and took over sponsorship sales for Infinity in September of 2018. As a staff member, Ashley will work to develop Infinity’s donor base and assist with reception duties. Additionally, she hopes to help the art program at Infinity continue to grow in the years to come.


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Stephanie Rogers

Grants & Marketing Coordinator

Stephanie Rogers is a graduate of Jamestown High School and Jamestown Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts: Music. Stephanie was a student of the Infinity Performing Arts Program from 2002-2008 where she was involved as a vocalist in many ensembles and special projects, including the Bruce Peterson Blues Project and Midas.

She has been an employee of the Infinity program since June 2007 where she began as the receptionist and now holds the position of grants and marketing coordinator. Her job duties currently include grant writing, grant research, website and social media maintenance, alumni correspondence, and continuing education.

Stephanie has a very strong passion for the arts, and for helping children succeed and reach their full potential. Stephanie is a strong believer that culture is passed down through each generation in the form of the arts, and that the children we teach today will preserve our culture through knowledge, creativity and expression.

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Natalie Corbelli

Program Assistant

Natalie Corbelli is a senior in high school and will graduate in June of 2019. She has been a student at Infinity since 2015 and continues to take classes. She plans to go to college after she graduates and wants to go to college for Public Relations or Communications in Journalism. Infinity has been a huge part in her life and she is very delighted to be part of the staff.