Alumni Updates

Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, Inc. has been serving students since 1998. We boast a large number of Alumni, many of whom have gone on into the fields of music and the arts in their professional careers. Below you will find more information on some of our former students with a brief summary of what they are doing now.

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Mitchell Alpaugh

Student from: 2000-2006 Current Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Age: 25
Education: B.A. Music Education
Current Occupation: Technical Support for Sweetwater Sound
Infinity Experience and Instructors: “I played keyboards in the second infinity group ever, “The Next Generation.” It was under the direction of my Dad, Mark Alpaugh. I was in 7th grade when I joined and I only left when I had to move off to college!”
Remarks: “Infinity gave me the opportunity to play with a handful of musicians from various school districts that I would have never met elsewhere. Under the direction of an instructor, we were able to play some really tight music. It was nice to be able to tell friends “Hey I have a band, we sound good, and we have gigs.” Infinity had so many benefits, but the one benefit that really carried in to my professional life were the musical chops it had helped me develop. It’s certainly handy to be able to play sheet music and read chord charts on the same level!”

Kate Chatterton

Student From: 2006-2009 Current Location: Mayville, NY
Age: 24
Higher Education: SUNY Fredonia- Bachelors in Music Composition and minor in English
Current Occupation: Infinity Program Coordinator, piano and music composition instructor
Infinity Experience and Instructors: Studied piano with Mark Alpaugh, Steve Swanson.
Infinity Jazz Quartet (Eric Pearson), Infinity Blues Project (Ron Graham, Steve Davis), Infinity Big Band (John Cross), DeJa Blues (Jim Foti, Tom Swanson), I Kandy (Steve Swanson)
Remarks: “Being a student at Infinity was such an incredible experience for me. When I first joined Infinity I had no experience in performing and very little knowledge of music. Infinity provided a place for me to explore many genres of music and express myself in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to anywhere else. The instructors and mentors at Infinity instilled a love of music in me that still fuels me every day. Infinity inspired me to start writing my own compositions and to pursue a degree in music. Infinity was life changing for me and that is why I have returned to Infinity as an employee!”

Cale Hawkins

Student From: May 2003 – August 2010   Current Location: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 23
Education: Berklee College of Music, BM in Professional Music (summa cum laude), Class of 2012
Current Occupation: Performing and recording artist
Infinity Experience and Instructors: Ron Graham (mentor and Bruce Peterson Blues Project), Rich Leeper (mentor), Eric Pearson (guitar and theory), Steve Davis (piano and several bands), Alex Smith (bass), Cody Anderson (drums and trumpet), Fred Dixon (piano), Drew Minton (Infinite Groove), Tom Swanson and Jim Foti (Midas), Mark Alpaugh (piano and theory), Bill Ward (Infinity Bluegrass Project), Jim Blomquist (audio production and engineering), Tone Scott (audio production and sampling)
Remarks: “If I had not joined Infinity, my life would be very different right now. It’s impossible to find a better environment in which young musicians can hone their individual abilities, while also learning how to work with others in musical and professional environments. As a student, it was great to have such a vast support network of instructors. Any time I had a question, there was always someone around to answer it. Everything I learned at Infinity enabled me to become a successful touring and recording musician. I now reside in New York City and play music full time.”

Eric Pearson

Student From: 2001-2003  Instructor From: 2003-2007
Program Director/Acting Executive Director: 2007-2009
Current Location:  Austin, TX
Age:  32
Higher Education: MM Performance:Guitar at Ithaca College
Current Occupation: Director of Community Guitar Programs: Austin Classical Guitar
Infinity Experience/Instructors: Next Generation (Mark Alpaugh), Straight No Chaser, Various jazz projects, Van Morrison project, Chicago/blood sweat tears project, Hip hop group
Remarks: “Infinity gave me ample opportunities to perform in various settings with other students and professional musicians in the area.  The variety of styles and projects was a real asset as a musician.  As a young teacher I had the opportunity to get experience teaching, coaching and producing performances that was invaluable in my later positions and professional work.  Overall, my experiences there helped define my passion for both music and working with young students.  I have been an educator and working in non-profit community programs ever since.”

Stephanie Rogers

Student From: 2002-2008 Current Location: Fort Stewart, GA
Age: 28
Higher Education: SUNY JCC Associate’s Degree- Fine Arts Music
Current Occupation: Grants & Marketing Coordinator, Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, Inc.
Infinity Experience/Instructors: Vocal Lessons (Fred Dixon, Michelle Buhite), Midas (Tom Swanson & Jim Foti), Bruce Peterson Blues Project (Ron Graham), 10,000 Maniacs 25th Anniversary Tribute (Steve Davis)
Remarks: “I joined Infinity when I was 15 because I had a love and passion for music. Infinity helped me develop my skills as a vocalist by expanding my knowledge of different genres and always pushing me to my limits. I continued with Infinity as an employee once I left the program as a student. My entire experience with Infinity shaped me both as a student and as an employee. I take great pride in knowing that Infinity has grown and developed to the point where it is today and that the program continues to instill cultural diversity, community mindedness and strong bonds between students that last a lifetime.”

Alex (Smith) Svensen

Student From: 2000-2003  Instructor From: 2003-2008   Current Location: New Haven, CT
Age: 29
Education: SUNY Fredonia-Bachelor of Music, Yale University-Master of Music, Carnegie Mellon University-1 Year Performer in Residence
Current Occupation: Freelance Double Bassist/Section Double Bass at Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Infinity Experience and Instructors: Infinity Jazz Combo/Straight No Chaser, Infinity Chorale. Instructor-Jay Haser
Remarks: “Infinity’s influence on my performing career was absolutely immeasurable. Having been paired with such a great teacher and such great colleagues at that vital early stage in my career was the best thing that could have happened to me. In addition, Infinity gave me opportunities to improvise, perform, learn, grow and teach not only on my own instrument, but with the Infinity Choral and in styles of music I had never had the opportunity to learn before. The environment Infinity crafted surrounded me with like-minded musicians who taught me a much more than just what I learned in lessons and rehearsals. That environment focusing on collaboration was key to developing as a well-rounded musician.
After graduating from the Infinity program I went on to study double bass performance focusing on jazz and, primarily, classical music. Over the years since Infinity I’ve had the opportunity to play with chamber ensembles across  the north-eastern and mid-western US. I’ve had the opportunity to perform as principal, section and section soloist with professional symphony orchestras in NY, PA, OH, CT, VT and MA. Much of my success in classical music is due to the practice regimens and theory study I learned from my studies at Infinity.”