Infinity Team

Our goal at Infinity is to create a welcoming, safe, positive place for students to explore and experience the arts, increase their musical and artistic skills, stretch their minds, and build self-confidence and self-esteem. Each Infinity team member helps to create and sustain our unique educational environment where students learn and grow and the arts thrive. Individuals affiliated with and employed by Infinity create a network of adult mentors who are interested in students’ progress as artists and musicians, but also their success in their future lives.

Our youth development model supports students as they build peer relationships, learn marketable skills, and demonstrate their emerging talent under the guidance of adult mentors and instructors. Our fusion of instruction, scholarship options, showcasing opportunities, and the network of creative mentors is a unique combination.

Infinity’s team of instructors and staff mentor and form strong relationship bonds with students who are enrolled in our programs. We see shy children discover their voice, unsure students develop poise and confidence, and youth who may feel disconnected from our community find a place to belong. By increasing participants’ exposure to supportive, empowering, arts-integrated environments and mentors, and building their personal abilities, competencies and self-confidence, we offer an alternative to negative choices and health-compromising behaviors. Our team encourages students to challenge themselves, develop career goals, learn marketable skills, and find personal expression through the arts.

Infinity TEAM

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