Infinity Components

What does Infinity offer?

  • Individual instruction with experienced music, art, dance and theater educators.
  • Participation in music ensembles directed by music professionals.
  • Unique music and arts workshops and opportunities.
  • Access to a fully equipped recording and rehearsal studio.
  • Digital recording, audio production, and sound technology instruction.
  • Access to instruments and equipment based on interest and ability.
  • Mentorship from a network of music and arts professionals from our community.
  • Opportunities to perform and showcase artistic talent.

Performance Ensembles

One of the most unique and beneficial aspects of Infinity is the student ensemble or band component. Students are directed and mentored by seasoned performers and musicians as they learn a repertoire, practice stage presence, learn music business principles and gain valuable performance experience.

Once private lesson students have achieved performance level, they may be invited to audition for one of our music ensembles. Our ensembles are musically diverse and currently include an Infinity Blues/Rock Band, Infinity Saxophone Ensemble, Infinity Voices, Cultural Drum Ensembles, Collective Groove (Steel Drum Ensemble), and a County-wide Big Band!  Membership in a performance group requires a strong commitment to rehearsals and personal preparation.

Performance venues are as varied and diverse as the music.
Infinity ensembles have performed at: Chautauqua Institution, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Great Blue Heron Festival, Buffalo’s Memphis Bound Blues Competition, International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee, and a variety of festivals, benefits, and special events throughout the county and WNY region.

(Infinity Network of Students Training for Independent Leadership Level)

The INSTILL Program was created for students who are interested in increasing the amount of time they spend at the Infinity Center outside of regular lesson times. Instill training allows responsible, serious students to achieve “independent” status, enabling them to utilize practice rooms, rehearsal spaces and Infinity spaces during hours that the Center is open, but independent of an Infinity instructor or staff member. (Staff members will always be available for assistance and for general supervision.)

INSTILL students also participate in an advisory panel with Infinity’s administrative staff, and assist with designing classes and relevant programming, organizing performances and events, and generating ideas for the future of Infinity. Students also serve as role models and helpers to other students, and are designated as leaders within the program.

Intern Program

Infinity offers several intern positions to interested and qualified students. Students are paired with an adult mentor in a learning area of their choice to assist, shadow, and learn a set of marketable skills to help prepare them for their futures. Interns are able to work as office assistants, class assistants, library assistants, inventory assistants, and more! Intern positions are based on student interest, and in exchange for volunteer intern hours, students receive free or discounted classes or lessons.