How do we join?

All new students attend one of our monthly Orientation Sessions. Session dates can be found on our Calendar. Orientation Sessions last approximately 30 minutes and consist of a short video about Infinity, a tour of the Infinity facility, and an opportunity to speak with Infinity Staff and schedule new lessons.

Student Registration forms can be found on our Programs and Classes page or are available at the Infinity Center during business hours. Completed registration forms, the registration fee, and the first month’s membership fees are all due at the time of registration.

Attending Infinity concerts or Infinity Arts Café performances is a great way to have your child experience Infinity. Dates and locations of performances can be found on our Calendar.

Is there a fee involved?

Yes, there is a monthly membership fee for all Infinity students. Please contact the Infinity Center for current monthly membership rates. Discounted rates are available to families with multiple children.

Our current Class Schedule brochure can be found on the Programs and Classes Page.

Membership fee scholarships are available based on demonstrated financial need. You may download and print a scholarship form on the Programs and Classes page.

How is Infinity different from a traditional private lesson?

The Infinity Center and its programs are designed to provide a safe, supportive environment for young people to discover their unique talents and share what they discover. Here are some of the benefits of belonging to the Infinity Center:

  • Individual instruction by experienced music and arts instructors.
  • Eligibility to participate in music ensembles and student bands.
  • Access to a fully equipped recording and rehearsal studio.
  • Access to instruments, equipment and supplies.
  • Opportunities to perform and showcase artistic talent.
  • Mentorship by a network of artists and musicians.
  • Opportunities to attend unique music and arts workshops and events.
  • Chances to meet and interact with other creative kids!

When can my child join a performing ensemble?

Once private lesson students have achieved performance level, they may be invited to audition for one of our music ensembles. Ensembles perform at various concerts and events both at Infinity and within the community throughout the year. Interested students should consult with their instructor or an Infinity staff member.

Current performing ensembles include: Infinity Blues/Rock Band, Infinity Saxophone Ensemble, Infinity Voices, Cultural Drum Ensembles, Collective Groove (Steel Drum Ensemble), and a County-wide Big Band

Please communicate with your instructor or Infinity Staff about any questions or interests.

What are the requirements of a student enrolled in the Infinity Program?

Infinity students are to arrive prepared for their lessons with a positive, curious attitude. Students are expected to demonstrate respect to fellow students, Infinity instructors and staff, the Infinity facility and equipment while they are at the Infinity Center. Students are also expected to participate in at least one stage performance each program year. Explore! Experience! Excel!

How can I help Infinity?

Infinity is always in need of volunteers! Any interested individuals are welcome complete our Volunteer Application or contact Infinity directly today!

Some other ways that you can help include:

  • Check out our Wish List of needed items in our email newsletter.
  • Join our annual fundraising campaign.  Contact a staff member or see our website for more information.
  • Bring us your empty/used ink cartridges. We can recycle them and receive funding for office supplies.
  • Return your empty cans and bottles to any of the local redemption centers and ask that the proceeds go to Infinity’s account.
  • “Like” us on Facebook or “Follow” us on Twitter and share our updates!